Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to My Potpourri Patch ~ Paper Quilling



Paper Quilling ~ Ashley's "ALOHA" Card


This is a very simple card to create.
I started by using my brightly colored paper quilling strips
 that I purchased from Quilled Creations. (see link)

 First I traced out the word "ALOHA" using foam letters that I purchased at Walmart.

 Then I outlined the letters with paper quilling strips, carefully cutting the pieces and attaching them with Elmers glue to a sheet of 8 x 10 white cardstock.
My cardstock paper was purchased at Michaels.

After  "ALOHA" was complete, I added paper swirls that I created using a
quilling tool that was included in my Quilling Beginners Kit that
I purchased at Quilled Creations, throughout my word at random.

Quilling is simply twirling strips of paper creating a shape then glued into place.
Once I was satisfied with my "Aloha" results, I carefully measured
and trimmed about 2 inches from the bottom & top of the white paper
so my design would fit nicely onto the front of two matching blue 8 x 10
sheets of cardstock that were attached with brightly colored paper fasteners
that were also purchased at Michaels. 

 I simply printed out the meaning of  "ALOHA" along with my Birthday Wish
onto another sheet of 8 x 10 white cardstock and glued it inside onto 
my second sheet of blue paper with rubber cement.
 I attach most of my photos and cards using any brand of "Rubber Cement"
to prevent my photos and specialty papers from rippling. 
I added this link to view an excellent video of Alli from Quilled Creations
demonstrating how to get started in quilling.

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